Terms & Conditions

Last revised and in effect from 12/10/2012 until further notice or when replaced by newer version.


‘Us’ / ‘we’ means Maze Rattan Ltd, a company registered in England (no. 06830840).
‘Retailer’ / ‘you’ means the retailer/reseller of Maze Rattan products.
‘Customer’ means the end customer to whom the product is delivered if a direct delivery is accepted by Maze Rattan.


1. These terms and conditions apply to all transactions.
2. By purchasing from us you denote your acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as of our standard terms and conditions of sale.
3. The sale between us and you is solely governed by these terms and conditions. Except for the purposes of complying with any statutory requirements and to the minimum extent allowed by law, we do not enter into any agreement or other relationship with the Customer whose only contractual relationship is with you the Retailer, nor shall anything in your terms and conditions as applicable to your relationship or transaction with the Customer be binding on us.

Order Placement and Delivery

4. All orders placed by you are subject to acceptance by us. Your order constitutes a legal offer, and only our acceptance of it constitutes legal agreement. We will endeavour to accept your order or inform you otherwise within 2 working days of our receipt of the order.
5. We will accept orders from you only in writing via e-mail or fax.
6. You may wish to nominate specific individuals who are authorised to place orders on your behalf. Unless we receive such nominations from you in writing, we may accept any orders from you and they shall become binding on you.
7. Upon receiving shipping instructions from you, we will arrange for the dispatch of the products. We aim to dispatch most orders within 5 working days from receipt of order or payment whichever is later, subject at all times to product availability. Any estimated collection or delivery dates provided by us are nevertheless beyond our control and not binding on us.
8. Risk of/in the goods shall pass to the retailer upon dispatch from Maze Rattan.
9. Delivery costs are at the discretion of Maze Rattan and are subject to change at any point. Surcharges may apply for, but are not limited to, delivery area, time, item and any special requirements.
10. Any delivery may be subject to additional costs for, but not limited to, delivery re-routes and repeat delivery attempts. These will be the responsibility of the customer if determined applicable by Maze Rattan. Failure to pay for these costs may result in the order being cancelled/delayed with all outstanding goods and charges being the responsibility of the Retailer.

Costs and Payment

11. We will only dispatch orders when your account payment terms and credit limit are complied with.
12. The products remain our property until fully paid for in cleared funds by the retailer.
13. We may from time to time and at our sole discretion choose to supply products to you on open account terms, subject to credit terms determined by us. If we do so, we reserve the right to revert to payment upfront terms at any time without notice.
14. We will include our packing and shipping charges in our quotations and any order acceptance, and these shall be binding on that order only and are subject to change without notice. You may request from us an estimate of these charges for an impending order in advance.
15. Payment must be made in full including product costs and packing and shipping charges, plus VAT where applicable, as detailed by us in accordance with the payment terms of your account. Terms are subject to review by Maze Rattan and can be changed at any time without notice.


16. In all instances where the Customer seeks to return the goods, they shall deal in the first instance with you as the retailer, and only you (and not the Customer) shall deal with us.
17. A proof of purchase is required at all times for us to honour any claims for return or refund.
18. Faulty goods: Where it can be shown that the products have left our warehouse in a faulty condition, we will endeavor to replace them or, where not possible, offer a replacement product, or where not acceptable, offer a refund. You agree to assist us in good faith by providing all information and assistance as may be reasonably requested, and to liaise with the customer regarding any replacement or substitute product. We may at our discretion request the return of the products for inspection or other purposes, and you agree to assist us to fulfill this requirement.
19. Damaged goods: Where the products have left our warehouse intact but have been damaged in transit, we will investigate the matter and seek compensation from the carrier where possible. Where the products have been damaged after receipt by the Customer, we are not responsible for the loss. In any case of damaged goods you agree to assist us in good faith by providing all information and assistance as may be reasonably requested. We may at our discretion request the return of the products for inspection or other purposes, and you agree to assist us to fulfill this requirement.
20. Unwanted goods: Where the Customer decides at any time after our acceptance of an order (whether before or after their delivery) that they do not want the products, any such returns are to be determined by you, and we are under no obligation to accept return of the goods to us or to refund the monies.
21. All returns must in full original packaging and be clearly labelled with our returns form in order to be accepted into our warehouse. Failure to do so may result in Maze Rattan being unable to raise a credit for any returned items where applicable.

Miscellaneous Provisions

22. We accept no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss of business, damage, cost or other detriment suffered by you in connection with any transaction or dealing (or our failure to do so) under these terms and conditions.
23. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at our sole discretion. We may from time to time choose to accept returns, forego our rights or otherwise perform beyond our statutory or contractual obligations, but this cannot be construed as a change of terms and conditions and we reserve the right at all times to limit our obligations to the full extent allowed by law.
24. If any part(s) of these terms and conditions are found by a competent court of law to be unenforceable, the remainder shall apply.
25. These terms and conditions are subject to English law and English courts’ jurisdiction.
26. Every effort is made to ensure that all information provided by Maze Rattan is correct, but the supplier accepts no liability for any errors in the information provided.

Issues and Customer Service

27. All issues/faults must be reported via the customer services form to either customerservice@mazerattan,com or your account manager if advised to do so.
28. All issues, faults or shortages must be reported within 48 hours of delivery/collection with a completed form giving all details requested.
29. All issues and faults must be supported with accompanying photographs clearly showing the reported issue or fault.
30. We reserve the right to ask for additional images and supporting information on any claim.
31. Maze Rattan cannot accept any responsibility for exported goods, as such it is the responsibility of the retailer to ensure the goods are satisfactory prior to shipping.
32. The majority of products are hand made, and as such may have differences in finish and/or minor issues related to the finish. It is at the discretion of Maze Rattan if issues can be resolved by the customer/retailer or require replacement. Our decision is final.

Marketing Material

33. Maze Rattan will provide images and dimensions of sets to the retailer for use in/on their own marketing material. This is not to be provided to any other party without the express permission of Maze Rattan.
34. Maze Rattan products are in many instances subject to Copyright/Patent Pending. Any attempt to copy or reproduce our products may result in further action being taken and your account being placed on stop or closed.


35. The purchase price for the products shall be agreed between the supplier and the drop shipper and may be changed by the supplier at any time without notice.

Terms and Conditions

36. Maze Rattan reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.

Ownership of Goods

37. Ownership of Goods: Title of goods shall not pass to the purchaser until the sum due under invoice for the goods is paid in full. Maze Rattan retain the right to enter premises to repossess goods if necessary.